Saturday, October 6, 2018

Michigan only has 15 puppy selling stores left!

Michigan only has 15 puppy selling stores left!
1. Pet Station, Jackson
2. The Family Puppy (Genesee Valley Mall), Flint
3. The Barking Boutique, Grandville
4. Downtown Hound Pet Center Monroe
5. Woof Woof Puppies & Pet Boutique, Southfield
6. The Family Puppy (Twelve Oaks Mall), Novi
7. Teacups & Toys A Pet Boutique, Birmingham
8. Petland, Novi (Lawsuits against Petland Novi)
9. The Family Puppy (Oakland Mall), Troy, MI
10. V.I. Pets, Holland
11. VI Pets, Cutterville
12. Betty's Pet & Garden, Houghton Lake
13. Pretty Pooch, Saginaw
14. Pet City Pets, Ypsilanti
15. Westland Dog Food Supply 
Puppy stores are a thing of the past and are no longer welcome in Michigan. The few stores that remain are facing online Google review wars, lawsuits, protests and even criminal charges (i.e. Shaggy Dog, Shelby). Puppy store owners are now settling veterinary costs with unhappy customers to avoid court, while only eight years ago they were ignoring families with issues.

And the industry is responding. Just this spring a total of 18 Michigan pet stores hired lobbyists in Lansing in an attempt to prevent us from passing local retail bans ("The Petland Bills"). Currently, their bill sponsored by Rep. Vaupel does not have enough house votes to pass. We will be keeping a close on eye on HB5917 during the lame duck session in November.

Michigan is headed in the right direction…

• We only have four “box” stores remaining: Petland Novi, The Family Puppy Novi, Troy and Flint. These are high volume stores that ship puppies in weekly.

• Only one store has opened in the last eight years and is still open. The Barking Boutique (Grandville) finally opened in 2017 after two failed attempts and they are still facing sustained weekly protests.

• A whooping 47 puppy selling stores and groomers have closed or are no longer selling puppies in the last 10 years.

The most recent stores to end puppy sales or close include….

1. Shaggy Dog, Shelby Township, MI - shut down after Macomb County Animal Control discovered the puppies in the store did not have 30-health certificates.

2. Critter Pet Shop, Allen Park, MI Critter - stated they stopped selling puppies when the economy was bad, but their website showed puppies for sale in 2016.

3. House of Pets, Garden City, MI - stated they recently stopped selling puppies about 6 months ago after a roundworm outbreak. The puppies were coming from Utah! They are moving to a new location and have lined up two rescues to showcase puppies instead.

4. Pet City Pets, Wyandotte, MI -This location was sold to a woman that was supposed to have opened Doggie Dog World, but something fell through and the number is disconnected. The Ypsilanti location is still selling puppies and the owner was at the Capital in Lansing trying to prevent us from passing local retail ordinances.

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Learn how to pass a retail ordinance in your hometown. 

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