Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How to file a complaint against a pet store and their veterinarian

Families who have purchased a sick pet from a pet store or breeder in Michigan should notify the authorities and licensing agencies.

      If there appears to be cruelty or neglect at the pet store, contact the local animal control agency, humane society, or animal shelter and request that they inspect the facility.

·        You can find your Animal Control in the phone book, or look them up at Pets 911. If none of these exist in the area, call the police, sheriff, or health department.

·        Local law enforcement has authority over the Michigan Penal Code (1931, PA 328, as amended) and can enforce the requirements of the penal code (e.g. failure to provide adequate care - such as provide veterinary care, sanitary condition, exercise, shelter, food, water, etc) against pet stores.

·        Local law enforcement, in the opinion of MDARD, can follow-up on possible violations against the Pet Shop Law. Penalties for violations against the Pet Shop Law (1969, PA 287, as amended) are a misdemeanor, charges which have to go through the local prosecutor. 

      Notify the police department outlining all suspected illegal activities.

     Notify the Michigan Attorney Generals Office (Consumer Protection Division).

      Notify the Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine and file a compliant with the Bureau of Professional Licensing. “A Citizen’s Guide to Filing a Complaint Against a Licensed Occupational Professional.” 

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