Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jade Awards

Our membership sky-rocketed this month with the Allegan bust and Pet Station arrest. We hurdled over 400 with 16 new members and the month isn’t over! The Meetup stats show we have had 78 RSVPS just this month and 68 total active members, which seems about right to me.  

Our Westland and Utica protests have had consistent and excellent coverage. Our VegFest tabling event is full with a waiting list. We certainly have no shortage of committed volunteers. 

Which brings me to this months Jade Award Recipients.  

Even with a spectacular group of active members, there are always a few standouts in the group. Three members were recognized at Humane Lobby Day for not only their impressive attendance record, but their overall commitment to the animals. Each recipient received a Jade potted plant. Jade plants are extremely hearty and seem to thrive in any kind of conditions --just like our three recipients: Sunday Harvey, Alicia Handlin and Olivia Sanchez.  

Sunday Harvey – 66 meetups since March 2009. I love the photo of her fighting with the blizzard and holding the banner up at Twelve Oaks mall.

Alicia Handlin – 44 meetups since March 2011. Alicia is great at making her own signs and literature.

Olivia Sanchez – 43 meetup since December 2008. Why is Olivia wearing a face mask? The owner of the pet store was running multiple snow blowers to fume her away. Obviously that didn’t work.  

If there was ever a winter protest that looked like I would be the only one signed up – Olivia, Sunday and Alicia ALWAYS ensure I was not alone. They come prepared and on time with enthusiasm. They always say ..”lets stay a little longer”. They not only see the big picture, but know that protesting regularly has tremendous outreach and is effective.  

Thank you Sunday, Alicia and Olivia for your support during the long winter protests. You truly are Winter Warriors that I am lucky to have on my side!


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