Friday, April 20, 2012

In Action at the Capitol

This week 17 Puppy Mill Awareness members put on lobbying hats and participated in our most successful Humane Lobby Day ever! In total 76 Michigan dog advocates came together in Lansing to give a voice to animals needing more protection. Members spoke with their Senators and Representatives about four bills pending hearings. (more photos) 

Many of our members were first time lobbyist and I was certainly impressed with those that did their homework and attended our Lobby 101 gathering on Saturday. I was lucky to have some members in the same meetings with me. Some of you should be “paid lobbyists” with your knowledge and friendly approach. We sure are a likeable group of animal advocates. Great job everyone!  

There were many personal highlights for me. First, I was thrilled to meet the new Michigan ASPCA Director, Vicki Deisner who hosted the event with us. We now have two of the nation’s largest animals welfare organizations fighting puppy mills. We can use another leader like Jill Fritz. Second, the endless questions about the Puppy Protection Act made me feel everyone in the room was equipping themselves to lobby hard for this bill. Lastly, having Steve Beida and Rick Jones (our bill’s sponsors) join us and share personal stories after their awards made me know we are can make a difference with them on our side. Watch Videos.

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