Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Petland Novi is court ordered to provide a list of their breeders

Petland Novi is court ordered to provide a list of its breeders, brokers and employees for the past five years.

Today, attorney Jenifer Measel prevailed during the second hearing in the Rose vs Petland Novi case. Judge Phyllis McMillen ended the “discovery battle” by offering time for the attorneys to hammer out a list of questions not fully answered. During that time, Petland’s attorney was ordered to provide additional information, as well as, deposition dates.

According to court documents, a Northville family purchased a sick puppy that passed an antibiotic resistant Campylobacter infection on to the owner requiring time off of work and medical treatment.

Petland Novi has stonewalled the buyers since the lawsuit was filed in November by refusing to provide complete answers to questions regarding the store’s business practices and not providing deposition dates. Instead, Petland Novi is attempting to dismiss the case suggesting it is “over pleaded” with eight counts, 118 witnesses, including Bob Gatt, the Mayor of Novi and that the couple may have contracted campylobacter while dinning out.

Measel reminded the court this is a Toxic Tort case and everyone in the chain will be sued. She noted that the CDC investigated the campylobacter outbreak across the country in 2016-17 tracing the source to Petland stores. She will need to start by deposing, not only the pet store owner, Randy Horowitz, but two sales managers (Alayna Markle and Melissa Norvakowski) both of whom testified before the House Agriculture Committee in Lansing in support of legislation that would protect pet retail sales.

According to court documents, the Plaintiffs have asked for such items as…..

  • A list of breeders, brokers or other entities Petland has acquired animals from along with all acquisition records

  • A list of employees, including bookkeepers, payroll, human resources, record keeping, inventory employees and those responsible for purchasing puppies.

  • List of records regarding animals with parvo, intestinal parasites, diseases or genetic abnormalities.

  • A list of veterinarians and technicians.

  • All vaccination and medical treatments.

  • A list of dogs euthanized.

  • A list of dogs presently housed at the store and veterinary clinic. 

Petland Novi was court ordered to provide a list of its breeders, brokers and employees for the past five years.


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