Monday, January 21, 2013

12 Hours with Steve at the Plymouth Ice Festival

We were a big hit at the Ice Festival having one of the few sculptures not blocked by a fence. Families could take their photos next to our shelter dog. Many people made it a very successful weekend for the wolves too (see list of great people below). We also would like to thank Sharon Dargay, a PMA member and writer for The Observer & Eccentric for a cool article about our participation at the event. 

Here is the low down on Steve (our ice dog). 

He had a rough weekend…I guess like many animals did this weekend with the weather. Nicole and I met Steve Saturday morning being preserved in the shaded tent. Apparently temps were not ideal on Friday. So we not only were able to see him mounted on the stand, but we met the sculpture’s husband. She is a local woman from Ice Dreams! Steve was holding a heart and wearing a bow, so we didn’t really need to accessorize him this year. By noon he was melting and started fogging up…poor Steve. He made it until at least 9 pm. Some people were trying to figure out what he was....a rabbit? By morning he was face down on the sidewalk. The high winds were not friendly. 

The following members donated to the sculpture (full amount collected!) for another great year of outreach. Thank you everyone!

Cathy T
Laura W
Debby E
Lynn B
Kristen G
Sheryl B
Pam W
Pam S

The following people volunteered to either collect signatures or pass out puppy mill literature. Thank you everyone for your time and energy for the cause.

Lynn B
Donna B
Rene M

I came across this quote today which seems appropriate on MLK Day.
“ Everyone is capable of doig extraordinary things each in his own ways. Some are perfectly happy doing simple things in good spirits, others concentrate on details. We are all different and it really doesn’t matter if you focus on space travel or work in the fields. What is important is to do what you want.” – Alexander Kemurdzhian


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