Saturday, July 3, 2010

What to do if you purchased a sick puppy

I developed a guide for Michigan residents and families who have purchased a sick puppy from a pet store or breeder. Since we have been hosting rallies every Saturday at the Petland Westland, we have been meeting families with sick dogs just about every weekend. I decided to put together a checklist based on some things they already did on their own and other activities I have come across while researching pet stores and puppy mills.

It is terribly frustrating for them when the pet store owners will not return phone calls or speak with them in person while they watch their new puppy struggle with issues.
Sick puppies are usually a result of mass producing puppies for the pet trade. Many families discover that their new family member is plagued with serious illnesses or genetic problems soon after their purchase – some experience problems long after the purchase.

Although there are no Michigan Puppy Lemon Laws to protect consumers, there are many things that can be done from filing complaints to getting the word out. The checklist contains Michigan specific contacts but can be easily tailored for other states and animals such as kittens and small mammals, birds, fish, etc.

If you have purchased a sick puppy or know someone who has, please forward this guide to them and have them contact me.

Download (includes “go the extra mile”)

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