Monday, February 22, 2016

Barks N Bling Closed

Barks N Bling Pet Shop and Boutique (Pontiac, Mi) will no longer be selling puppies. The store is closed. The owner was forced by the court to move out of her home into a hotel room after Child Protective Services allowed her daughter to return to the home. Our records show Edwin and Rebecca Santana owned Barks N Bling between May 2014 – December 2015. For some reason, the store advertised BEFORE and AFTER photos of puppies. The BEFORE photos showed filthy small popular breed puppies.

Why were they in these conditions?
We always wondered.

Barks N Bling Pet Shop and Boutique
218 S Telegraph Rd
Pontiac, Michigan.
(248) 212-9190

When I called the store’s number recently to see if it was disconnected, Carol Bliss answered.  I asked if she had puppies for sale. She asked me what I was looking for. Carol Liss is located in St. Clair County. No kennel license in 2013.

This is the same number a puppy buyer provided for Rebecca Santana back in 2012. The puppy buyer contacted me after purchasing a sick puppy. The puppy buyer stated that she purchased a puppy from Rebecca Santana in Rochester. She confirmed she was the same woman on the recent Channel 7 story regarding the medical kidnapping of her daughter.

The Pontiac location is now owned by Bloomfield Pet Care and Paws and Relax. I sent an invitation to pledge not to sell puppies, but I have not heard back. The owner does breed dogs occasionally.

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