Monday, August 26, 2013

Lapeer Animal Control Director Runs a Puppy Mill

This summer volunteers from the Lapeer County Animal Shelter and members of the community began reaching out to the Lapeer Board of Commissioners for help in addressing issues with the new Shelter Director and Chief Animal Control Officer. Problems range from lack of care on the weekends, rules changing on a whim, inadequate response to calls for animals in need and overall lack of compassion. The euthanization of five adoptable animals with plenty of shelter space sent crowds to July 25th meeting. At the same time Puppy Mill Awareness of SE Michigan exposed the Chief Officers breeding operation in a nearby county. The meeting minutes of a township meeting outlined she had approached them for information on how to set up a hobby dog breeding kennel. She was selling wholesale and bringing animals home from the shelter on occasion. The group launched an online petition asking the board to develop a conflict of interest policy and asked the chief to resign. The board hired an attorney to investigate all allegations. Last week the board stated the report is complete but was not ready to release it. This week, PMA delivered 296 Lapeer County resident signatures.

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