Sunday, November 4, 2012

No Thanks Petland

11/3/12 NORTHVILLE PUPPY AUCTION??? We went into action.

Last week PMA members sabotaged Randy Horowitz’s, owner of Petland Novi, master plan to auction off a puppy at the Northville Christian School. When the principal found out that Randy has relationships with puppy mills and was using his good name, he immediately contacted Petland to call it off. No thanks Petland! Instead the school accepted our basket filled with awesome pet supplies prepared by Nicole, one of our regular Petland protesters. Thanks Nicole!

 Live animals should never be auctioned off at events. They only end up promoting spontaneous purchases that may not be good for either the family or animal. Bringing a pet into your home should be well thought out and not part of a local event. 

Thank you Tami for reaching out to the school and making this happen. 

Please join us for our Holiday protests at Petland Novi (Twelve Oaks Mall). See our calendar.

Learn more about Petland Novi.

Join our Petland Novi Boycott Facebook.

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