Friday, June 7, 2013

Krazie Kritterz Owner Arrested

Mounting complaints at Cheboygan store prompted
state investigation, doors close Saturday


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CHEBOYGAN, Mich. – Saturday, June 8th, 2013, the Krazie Kritterz pet store will be closing due to public pressure and pending charges related to pet store violations. The owner of the store, Joyce LaLonde, was arrested and booked into the county jail on
January 25th, 2013 for not providing a health certificate upon purchase. 

Krazie Kritterz opened in April 2012 and is located at
229 N Main St., Cheboygan Mi. 

According to the local Animal Control Officer, Deputy Swanson, officers visited the store approximately 15 times since the store opened. Complaints related to sick and underage animals, not providing veterinary care, unsanitary conditions, and administrating medications without a veterinary license, which is a felony in
Michigan. Approximately, seven complaints were turned over to the County Prosecutor. 

Sheriff Dale V. Clarmont issued a warrant and arrested LaLonde on
January 25, 2013 after she sold an animal without a 30-day health certificate. 

“Earlier that day, she was cited for not providing a valid health certificate and she turned around and sold another one on the same day” stated Swanson. 

The charges were dismissed with deferred prosecution. 

The Michigan Department of Agriculture was asked to assist the local animal control during store inspections. Dr. Robinson’s June 2012 report indicated they observed several things unsatisfactory regarding animal conditions. A letter was sent requiring improvement to the flooring in order to maintain surfaces beneath the cages capable of being disinfected. A copy of the Ferret Advisory was provided. Some comments were made regarding the parrot, psittacoses birds and psittacosis as it pertains to public health concerns and cleanliness of the birds. 

Other violations noted by Animal Control included, feces found in the carpet, a fish with an injured tail, birds with missing feathers, and ventilation issues. 

Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan also investigated the store.” We became concerned that the store was selling a wide variety of exotic and wild animals, such as hedgehogs and chipmunks, which are not common companion animals and require federal licensing”, stated Pam Sordyl, the founder of Puppy Mill Awareness. 

“I had to notify the store that the European Goldfinch needed his beak trimmed. It was overgrown and curved under. The store didn’t know they had to trim the bird’s beaks.” stated Erica Repp. 

“During two separate visits, I observed the birds in inadequate conditions. Their feathers were greasy and clumps were missing from the large Mcaws which is a sign of stress. None of the birds had toys, were unfriendly or not responsive.” Repp.

Puppy Mill Awareness is assisting local animal advocates by providing an ordinance called the Humane Pet Acquisition Proposal that would ban the retail sale of animals and protect families from purchasing sick animals. 

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