Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Find an Anti-Puppy Mill Group in Your State

Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan is certainly not the only grassroots group protesting pet stores and educating the public about puppy mills. The National Puppy Mill Project Grassroots Committee was able to find 49 grassroots groups working against puppy millers in different ways!

Some groups not only protest, but conduct investigations, rescue, educate and others are lobbying and passing legislation. Some are joining forces.

This month Wisconsin Citizens Against Puppy Mills leaders came to town to learn about how we launch and hold pet store education campaigns.

Here is a list of the many grassroots organizations working to end commercial breeding:

ArizonaAZ Puppy Mill Rescue
CaliforniaAnimal Defense Team
Boycott Barkworks Pet Stores
ConnecticutAgainst Puppy Mills
Boycott Puppies of Westpoint
CT Citizens Against Puppy Mills
Second Chance Animal Rescue of Connecticut
Westport Coalition Against Puppy Mills
ColoradoColorado Citizens for Canine Welfare
FloridaFlorida Against Pet Stores and Puppy Mills
IllinoisThe Puppy Mill Project
IndianaDefend the Dogs
PetShopPuppies Michiana (northern Indiana)

PetShopPuppies, Inc.
IowaIowa Voters for Companion Animals
MassachusettsPuppy Mill Rescue
Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) HQ
MichiganPuppy Mill Awareness Meetup of Southeast Michigan
MinnesotaAnimal Folks Minnesota
Minnesotans Exposing Petland
MissouriPetShopPuppies, Inc.
MontanaMontana Cause for Paws
NebraskaNebraska Voters for Companion Animals
New HampshirePuppy Mill Dog's Voice
New JerseyNew Jersey Consumers Against Pet Shop Abuse
PuppyMillRescue, Inc.
New YorkNew York City Puppy Mill Awareness
No More Tears Rescue
Staten Island Puppy Mill Demonstrators
WNY Citizens Against Puppy Mills
OhioAdvocates of Holmes County Exposed
Ban Ohio Dog Auctions
Columbus Dog Connection
Columbus Top Dogs
Help Stop Puppy Mill Store in Ohio
Ohio Voters Against Puppy Mills
Puppy Mill Fighters
Stop Ohio Puppy Mills
OklahomaOklahoma Puppy Mill Truth
PennsylvaniaNorthern Pennsylvania Puppy Mill Watch
Pet Store Protest
Puppy Mill Awareness Day
United Against Puppy Mills (UAPM)
Texas Texans Exposing Petland
WisconsinWisconsin Citizens Against Puppy Mills
Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project
Wisconsin Voters for Companion Animals

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