Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Animal Planet Exposed Petland - Hooray!

We love Animal Planet!!! If you were excited about the Petland episode – let’em know. Hopefully there was so much interest in the show, they will run it again.

Did everyone tune in last night? Pat and I both chuckled when the savvy Petland Manager went on and on about how they go beyond state regulations. He even looked like a slick salesman. However, what can really confuse the public are the young salesgirls who either don’t seem to have a clue or were trained with a script.

Why would the Sheriff protect the breeders? - a missing link in the pet trade. This happened to us at the Ohio Dog Auction. We were not wired with a camera or even attempting to do undercover. We were asked to leave because of the looks on our faces, I suppose. I can relate to Mike being nervous without the police on his side.

Another missing link are the vets. Although they are making tons of money having a constant flow of sick dogs, their staff must be overwhelmed like the DVM stated in the show. How can these vets see so many victims (breeding dogs, families, puppies…) and not take a stand?

I was not only thrilled about the show, but proud to see so many Meetup Members getting the word out about the show at Petland Westland on Saturday and Monday. Everyone’s signs and enthusiasm pumped more fuel into the campaign.

We need to make sure Animal Planet keeps running this show. You can contact them online or send a letter.

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  1. Kudos for the excellent, fact-based expose on Petland's practice of purchasing their puppies from puppy mills. Please continue to run this journalistic tour de force to help educate the public about Petland's deceptive selling practices that are occurring right in our own neighborhoods.